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DAM IT the River Conquest Game


Warning this is a game I made when I was 20, the game play is awesome, but the box and rules are less than professional looking.

Ages 10+

2-6 Players

Game Time: 60 Minutes

Two Sides…

As the game begins, six beaver tribes march onto the battlefield. The Red, Green, and Yellow tribes form the Honored Beaver Alliance, fighting for peace, justice, and wood. The tribes of Blue, Black, and Purple unite to form the Midnight Warriors, fighting to protect the homeland of their ancestors.


One Battle…

There is an uneasy calm as both teams face each other from across the river. Each tribe raises its flag as the architects discuss their building strategy. The kings stand nobly to ensure victory, and out of the silence comes the command of a warrior: “Charge!”


One River.

There can be only one victor, the team with the will to Dam It.


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