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Magic Swirling Dice with Polycarbonate shells! Pre-order


This is for my Magic Swirling Dice pre-order with clear/transparent polycarbonate shells.  Polycarbonate has high impact strength which is perfect for these dice!

Pictures are examples or the handmade product or 3D printed models.

Delivery on product is planned to be within 60 days, stay posted to Dr. Bellcookie Games on Facebook for updates. 

This is for the D20 only. Other D#s will be added soon or with an upcomming Kickstarter project. 

If there is an issue with Paypal on this site, payment to Damitgame@hotmail.com on Paypal goes to the same place just please include dice liquid color wanted. 

I can ink/paint the numbers a basic color, (Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Purple,Sil ver,Gold,White,Black) let me know otherwise they will be unpainted. Answer in question below.

Patent Pending

Do you understand that this is for a pre-order, either a product will be shipped to you within 60 days or you will be offered a refund or the option to wait longer. Answer "yes" required to order. What color would you like the numbers? (None,Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Purple,Silver,Gold,White,Black)

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